which is the best Carpet cleaner

Found 28th Jul 2018
HI everyone
good evening

hope all is well . I just want to ask one question which is the best carpet cleaner for stains you would recommend
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Try using a hoover
My wife
Depends what type of stain AFAIK (need more info)

VAX for general carpet cleaning and some stains if caught early

Polti Vaporetto or similar for ground in (but not chewing gum I think you need ice for that)

More drastic option is to cut out a piece (same size) from a hidden section and the stained area and swap them over
Not used one but what about the ones you can hire from supermarkets? Rug Doctor (cue the smutty innuendos, I’ll only like the ones I find funny)
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If you mean a machine, I would suggest getting one with a powered brush/brushes and cleaning before the stain dries if possible.

However some types of stains will need hand scrubbing if they've been allowed to dry in as standard carpet cleaner solution will hardly touch them. Citric acid for example is very effective at removing dried on blood and iron stains, just sprinkle the crystals over the stain and scrub with a warm wet cloth or brush to dissolve the stain, then go over with a carpet cleaner to wash out the acid.

If you are hiring a machine, check the wheels and underside when you collect it, we were once hired a machine that had a hardened turd rapped around the inside of one of the wheels and didn't discover it until it had softened up on the damp carpet we'd just cleaned and started smelling and had left trails.
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