Which is the best catalogue to get a 80gb PS3 package with little Planet?

    I really want to buy the above but like most people i don't have the cash to pay in one hit. Does anybody know any good deals with catalogues (ideally interest free).


    The catalogues are HUGELY overpriced

    The longest interest free you will get is with ]Great Universal who want £377 just for the PS3 and Little Big Planet - £7.25 a week for 52 weeks

    You may find a code to bring the price down slightly but that is nowhere near normal prices

    Same thing is £308 at ]Additions Direct, who will only give you 3 months interest free, or longer on interest.
    If you have a hunt around HUKD, you may find a code for 'buy now pay later' :thumbsup:

    have you thought about buying in three payments at

    better than a nasty catalogue shop

    EDIT: Just noticed they don't do consoles, sorry!

    Just found code XX634 which should give you interest free until September 2009 :thumbsup:

    why not go down a different route and get a credit card which is interest free for 6-12 months and buy it on that?
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