Which is the best digital music format MP3,WMA,AAC ETC

    Hi was wondering if you guys would tell me, what your preferred music format is mine is WMA but i don't mind mp3 as long as it's a high bitrate
    What media player do you use i prefer windows media player
    Here' a sample of a song in two formats WMA 192kbps AND MP3 320kbps
    which one do you prefer…wma…mp3


    192 vbr or v0

    this should be in Miscs :thumbsup:


    AAC 256

    but for compatibility I would also use 320 mp3

    Wouldn't use VBR.

    time was i ripped all my stuf to wma just to keep file size down - what a mistake eh? mp3 players are just so cheap with stacks of capacity so i probably shouldn't have bothered and should have kept it at a high bitrate mp3, or even a lossless file
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