Which is the best 'Dreambox' option to go for?

Found 15th Jan 2014
Just cancelled my sky expecting them to offer me half price, but they didn't! So now I need to get some sort of freesat box that does HD & records two channels at once. Does anyone have any experience of dreambox/skybox systems? And what is the epg like, as we had a humax before but the wife didn't like the epg.
Also is there a lot of 'tweaking' to be done with them, or do they work straight out of the box?
Many thanks in advance for any info.
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Look at a vu+duo.
my favourite dreambox will always be Anna Kournikova.
Vu solo 2 is good in terms of performance vs price

But there are a whole bunch of clones around too

Generally speaking a linux receiver will give you more than a non-linux but they also require a bit more tweaking during the setup phase.
try a slybox
had a vu+ duo now have a vu solo 2 which is a better box by far can get the for around 325 try sat-shop.co.uk
If you're not bothered about the extra channels then you can get freetime which is the freest version of you view including a HHD & on demand players

Look at a vu+duo.

Like this man has said! Vu+ Duo is the best box & the most like an sly HD box, eg 7 day planer, you can add a harddrive to record etc.

But Its still not a sly HD box so dont expect it to be, jump on a sat forum and ask for more info,

I dont if it can series link, set reminder etc but these are the things to ask!

P.s. you can buy clones so watch out, if you put the wrong image on the box you can BRICK (The box becomes a door stop!) the box if you dont no what u r doing! SO LEARN ALOT BEFORE TRY!!!

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Vu duo 2 is a really nice box but expensive

Vu solo 2 is bettert than the original duo and is around £250 (i think)

The gigablue quad is a good option and is the technomate twin tuner.

If your budget is restricted you may need to look at non linux receivers which are usually below £80 - but all of these will be single tuner - so you won't really have complete freedom when recording one channel and watching another.

The cheapest twin tuner recevers (not clones) will be around £130-£180

Then if you are looking for a Chinese clone receiver, you need to be far more informed and also be aware of the risks involved - although clones can save a lot of money from your original budget... You might need to fork out a bit more later if you encounter problems. Twin tuner clones are starting to appear so if the price seems to good to be true, start asking questions
Thanks for all your replies.
Wow! There's a lot to learn about this stuff...
try bt youview and then get a now tv box if you want sky one + sky movies as it is cheaper than going through sky sattelite (8.99 for movies and 4.99 for entertainment) also i left sky in november and have had atleast 3 letters offering me 50% off so the offers still may come, but I have stayed with Youview as I like the service.
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