Which is the best iphone 3GS pay as you go deal?

    Which is the best deal areound do you think, the more i look the more confussed I get!

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    It depends what you are after. If by best deal you mean cheapest price for an iPhone 3gs, then it doesnt really make much difference. If you want the best tariff, then they are again all pretty similar, although the Vodafone is the best imo as it comes with 250MB of data for 12 months (free of charge when you buy the iphone from them)

    If you make and recieve quite a few calls/textx then the best thing to do is to buy the iPhone on PAYG and get a 30 day sim free (if you dont want a long contract)

    Or you could do what I am doing and wait for Windows Phone 7 to be released later this month! I've had the iPhone 3GS for a year now and can't stand the iPhone 4 and think all the iPhones are MEGA overpriced!!
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