which is the best jailbreak for iphone?

also, is it overly difficult to do?
thanks in advance


Google devteam, all the info you'll need is there.

If you've an iPhone with fw 3.1 you'll need a mac to jb, but there should be a windows version along some time soon...

Some good step by step tutorials on [url]www.iclarified.com[/url]
It's easy if you follow it.

What are the main benefits to jailbreaking it?


What are the main benefits to jailbreaking it?

'Free' apps mate, check out appulo.us/appdb/. Dowload file, run and it installs via iTunes. Few other steps to do via Cydia but very easy to do and veru useful! :thumbsup:

You can also unlock it to use other simcards.

jailbreaking is legal, but using cracked apps is not, just to be clear on the subject

to jailbreak however update to 3.1.2, and download a program called "blackra1n" open the program (its a small file btw) and plug your iphone in, with a official firmware of 3.1.2 and hit the let it rain button, give it 30sec-1min and your iphone is then jailbroken

you mayt hen wish to open the blackra1n app on your phone and install cydia, where the majority of the applications of interest are placed...ready to install

blackrain is very fast and very easy
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