Which Is The Best Laptop From These 3 Please?

    My son wants a laptop for Christmas. No more than £400.

    He is 11. Wants it for homework, watching DVD'd and general surfing etc.

    He won't be downloading films etc. He's got a PS3 so not really needed for gaming.

    How found the 3 below. Would they be OK which is the best.

    Thanks in advance for any help.…-89…tml…CT/?cm_mmc=google-_-ppcpm-_-Laptops-_-663212&_$ja=kw:toshiba+sat+c650+1ct|cgn:Laptops%7c%7cToshiba%7c%7cToshiba+sat+c650-1ct%7c%7c663212|cgid:1985143986|tsid:12089|cn:PPCPM%7c%7cProducts%7c%7cComputers|cid:41031066|lid:19571827146|mt:Exact|nw:search|crid:6215610666


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    Toshiba, without reservation.

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    Thank you


    If you're near Bestbuy Croydon get the £249.99 Toshiba. T3300 2.0GHz Dual … If you're near Bestbuy Croydon get the £249.99 Toshiba. T3300 2.0GHz Dual Core Celeron, 3GB RAM, 250GB, Win 7.

    if not then mabe this…407
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