Which is the best linux for old machines

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Found 19th May 2009
Hi i have a Armada M700 Laptop with about 700mhz processor and 256mb ram could somebody suggest the best linux for this machine as i am running xp and it is very sluggish thxs.

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Add more RAM to it (run the Crucial Memory tester, that'll tell you what to buy), and you'll see things run much more smoothly. A £20 1GB module will work wonders. Linux, well, it's a hideously cumbersome OS that you will likely have loads of problems with since it probably won't support all of your hardware, and you can pretty much forget running anything besdes Firefox on it. Try downloading Ubuntu and giving that a whirl (you don't need to install it to use it, it will run from the CD) before reformatting and switching over.

I have used ubuntu ]8 successfully on machines with lower spec.

Or you could try Linpus ]lite

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Would not add extra ram as it is to expensive but thxs anyway.

Ubuntu and Xubuntu aren't good choices on such a machine (Xubuntu was slow even on my desktop 800Mhz duron with 256mb of ram). Try one of the 'small' Linux distributions like D**n Small Linux, SLAX or Puppy Linux.

Puppy Linux is really slick and fast on a Celeron 633Mhz
Installs from CD Rom to Ram ( you can remove disc) very happy in 256 megs
Also very good universal install

Can you can add packages and modify the Disc/USB/druve too ( add cachepersonalsettings on the drive )


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