Which is the Best Mobile Cashback company - far too many, far to confusing.

    I'm currently on Orange PAYG and am spending roughly 10-15 a month but get 5 free texts a day and have a few magic numbers as well.

    I've been offered a plan of £10 top up and you get 300 texts by orange via PAYG and the call rates are 12p/min too other networks and 5p/min to orange. This is obviously better than my current PAYG but I'd have to buy a phone. Seen the Samsung E900 at £90 on orange - I'm after something that is small and takes up little room in my pocket - not too bothered about the features or anything like that as long as it does talk/text and maybe bluetooth.

    I've heard that carphone warehouse is the most reliable cashback and found a deal on that phone for £35 a month, 300mins x-net and 400 txts and £175 cashback and then £35 quidco.…ge/…ge/
    When worked out this deal comes exactly the same cost as continuing the PAYG at £10 a month and factoring in the phone cost of £90 + £120 (£10 a month x 12).

    I've heard that carphone warehouse also have some sister sites for cashback... think its maybe called e2save but don't really know much about it.

    Can anyone suggest the best mobile cashback offer retailer for a first time buyer such as myself. Don't want to get stung by not getting all my cashback back? Thanks!

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