which is the best payg sim to get for use with a blackberry?

    im on vodafone payg atm with friends and family but only got the missus in the family pack - and as good as unlimited calls to her goes im sure i dont use it "that much"....

    anyone know of any decent payg options on any tariffs really as i know vodafone wont do a blackberry bolt/addon etc

    Any advice would be great as im a bit clueless hehe!


    im trying to make this clearer hehe!!

    but im trying to find which payg sim would be best to use with my newly aquired blackberry!!

    i usually topup about 10-15 a month etc on vodafone payg for more than enough texts/calls/minutes etc

    Hopefully somebody has stumbled apon some good sim only payg deals etc!!

    Thanks for any suggestions!!

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    They give you 6mths free internet and Blackberry service PLUS 30days of unlimited texting.

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    any more ideas?
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