Which is the best XBox RROD Fix Kit?

    Bought a broken RROD XBox last night on for sale/trade forum.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the best repair kit to buy. There are many on e-bay and don't know which to go for.

    Cheers guys.

    Rep waiting.


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    There are lots of different types of RROD, some of which you just can't fix. Depending on the cause of RROD, you'll need washers for the 2 X-clamps, a torx screwdriver set (T8 + T10), thermal paste and some heat sink paste cleaner.

    However, if it's something as simple as of just replacing the DVD drive then you'll just need the torx screwdriver set and knowledge of how to open it (I just use a small flat head screwdriver).

    A good place to start is…tml

    get one with metal washers not plastic.

    I did the x-clamp fix on 2 xbox's last month and they are both still going fine, I have no idea how long they will last but everything I needed + the guide was about £4 off ebay.

    When my non-HDMI got RROD, I used 2 lots of 3 1ps selotaped together instead of the x-clamp.

    Worked a treat even if the 360 did sound like a jet taking off.
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