Which is the better 5-inch smart phone: the Doogee X5 Pro or the Bluboo Picasso (16GB/2GB version)?

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Found 8th Oct 2016
So I'd like to buy myself an affordable new smart phone (sub-£60), and am currently considering the Doogee X5 Pro and the Bluboo Picasso (16GB/2GB version). To me, the specs look fairly similar, but the Picasso has 8MP front and rear cameras (Doogee 2MP/5MP), an MTK6580 1.3GHz quad core processor (Doogee MT6735, 64 bit Quad-Core, 1.0GHz) and a 2500mAh removable battery (Doogee 2400mAh Battery, unsure if removable). Both are under 9mm thick, have 720p screens, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, microSD card support and dual-SIM support (unsure if the Bluboo has a shared SIM/microSD slot). Does anybody have any experience of one or both of these phones - or can recommend other suitable handsets? I'm not a power-user when it comes to using my mobile, so I don't need something cutting edge - I'm much more interested in reliability and standby time!


I've got Doogee X6 Pro. Runs great. I play games a lot on my phone, so that tends to run the battery down, but otherwise it can last a while. Also it has a 3000mAh removable battery. Most of the specs are similar though.

I've got a Picasso and was impressed enough to buy the Mrs one too at the budget price and she can be a bit fussy.

Battery life is great, screen is crisp and sharp but to he honest the cameras - front and back - are crap for what's supposed to be 8mp. They are OK'ish in daylight but awful in low light, can't focus and flash has no distance. Apart from that they are fast enough for all the apps I use and mid spec gaming

It has two separate sim slots and a separate SD slot too

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why am i now seeing all this stuff while im looking at deals? how to i make it go back to normal?

I have x5 pro for almost a year, does all the usual things well, sometimes it forgets to activate the touch screen or the back button but a quick screen off and on sorts that. Do not know if its just my phone or if they all do it.

I brought my wife an x5 max pro this month, better processor, camera and has finger scanner on the back, she is very pleased with it. It is heavier and thicker than my one but it is a better phone.

I have found Doogee make very good phones for the price.

If you can up your budget £30 an Xiaomi Redmi S is really worth a look
Octa-core Processor (4x 1.5GHz), 4100mAh Battery, 1280x720p, 13MP Camera, Full metal body etc.
Its £90 delivered, so £30 more, but you get whole lot more for your money

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OK, so I went for a Doogee X5 Max Pro (£53 offer accepted on eBay). Now I've had an email saying that they've been sent the wrong items from their warehouse and don't know when they'll be getting the right ones. Back to square one... I think I would be happy with the Picasso, but the reports of a very poor camera are putting me off a bit.
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