Which Is The Better COD WAW Map Pack Out Of Map Pack 2 and Map Pack 3 ??

    Question In Title really


    the one with der riese

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    which is ??/


    Best Zombies was Verruckt.

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    im jus wonderin because i want trials hd, and that is 1200, and i can only get 1 of the map packs, because i will only have 900 pts left, so which is best ? P.S. Just for normal maps reli, don't play zombies that much tbh

    you can't play the third map pack on free for all yet, so i'd say the second,i feel a bit cheated tbh,:x

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    :@ which has the better maps ?

    map pack 3. 2 is very good but 3 wins. 3 has der reise and 2 has shi no numa. Both very good zombie maps but the pack a punch machine in der riese just shades it!

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    tbh i dont reli care about zombies, i am just wonderin on the maps for Team deathmatch etc.

    MP3 has the best maps

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    thnks, any more opinions ? might just get both

    for maps too 3 is the best, the are more like the maps on the original game.
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