Which is the better laptop (2 choices)?



    Definitely the Dell as it has a widescreen, better resolution screen @ 1280x800 than the HP 4:3 screen @ 1024x768.

    You can upgrade the memory and the hard drive, you can change the operating system but you can't change the screen resolution. It is no contest in this case.

    HP vs Dell is not an argument I want to get into but there's not much in it either way.

    Same processor, same 1GB memory, same 80GB disk, same graphics processor although the Dell claims to have 256MB and the HP 128 so the Dell would be ok for AeroGlass on Vista.

    HP has XP Pro
    Dell has Vista Home Basic (which doesn't have AeroGlass anyway)

    I'd go for the Dell but then I'm biased. Even if I wasn't biased, I'd still go for the one with the better display resolution because that's one of the most important aspects of a notebook for me.

    :viking: *** BUY THE DELL ***

    clear enough?
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