which is the better mobile phone.

    hi all my contract ends this month and i am looking for a new contract the 2 phones that keep catching my eye is the nokia n97 mini and the htc hd2 but not sure which one to go for so which one would you go for?


    defo the HTC

    There's only one way to find out...................



    97 suits me Sir

    iPhone is the only phone of choice.

    the porter;7399146

    Your not wrong

    I couldn't go back to any other phone now. I've chopped and changed constantly till i got my 1st iPhone and now i just upgrade that when new models come out.


    iPhone is the only phone of choice.

    agree people say its only a phone !! these people are fickle and dont have a clue !!

    mine has been broke for a week now and im missing it so much !!

    Got my Mrs an iphone in the summer. Before she got it she was all "what do I need an iphone for? I'll never use all of the apps etc."
    Now if I wanted to use it I'd have to prise it out of her cold dead fingers.
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