which is the better mobile phone out of these

Nokia N95 8GB


Sony Ericsson C902

ive got a choice between the 2 and im wanting the best one


2 totally different phones. Personally I'm going for the 902 next week for my wife. She doesn't really use her phone for anything except talking, texting and taking photos of the kids. The 902 is a cybershot phone and has a 5 megapixel camera, flash, autofocus, face recognition etc. etc. so reckon the quality of features of the phone are the best thing for her. All depends what you want out of it I suppose.

The Nokia is great. I have it myself. Didn't think it would be good but it was. Right now, if i were you i would go for the Nokia because the sony has just been released and a bit expensive for what it is.

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well its on a contract so it wouldnt cost me for either.

basically I had my phone stolen yesterday and they said i can upgrade my contract early...

theres these 2 , k850i and the lg viewty as options.

N95 - LED flash - no good for me.

Sony is faster but less features. No GPS.

Completely different - what will you use it for?

I had the same choice two weeks ago.

I have used SE phones for years and love them, but the C902 just does not compete on features in any way with the N95's. If the c902 at least had Wifi, I would have gone with that, but the fact is, it's again a year behind in features.

So with some trepidation, I chose the N95 8GB as I could get an excellent deal. I have not been disappointed. The screen is the best on any phone, camera great, Wifi, nice internet browser, GPS (a bit of a gimmick, but none-the-less). I am very happy with my choice, I can stream music and video from my home network to my N95, so listen or watch video any where within my wifi range.

The only drawbacks are the size, (you get used to it) and the battery life. If you play with it for any length of time during any given day, plan to charge it up overnight every day.

N95 in my opinion. The things it is capable of are fare better than the sony.


N95 in my opinion. The things it is capable of are fare better than the … N95 in my opinion. The things it is capable of are fare better than the sony.

2nd that just had a little play with the 902, no where near as much features as N95.
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