Which is the better TV?

    Hi, I need the internet's opinion on something. I have the choice of buying one of these T.Vs.…htm…htm

    The first is 26" and has pretty much the same specs as the one in my living room, which im happy with, though the silver outline is pretty ugly.

    The second is 22" but has a higher resolution and contrast ratio, sound dosnt matter to me as I'll be using my own speakers. Theyre both the exact same price and theyre both in stock near me.

    Ill be using it 95% for games. thanks.


    We've actually got the first one, we ordered a pink standard TV/DVD combi at £60 odd, but they delivered that by mistake so we kept it
    Its very good quality wise, sound & picture both excellent, the on/off switch on the side of TV sometimes gets stuck though and you have to poke your little finger in to get it out lol, but not a prob if using the remote obviously. Blooming good TV really (especially at the price hehehe) but not used the Black one so can't comment on that I'm afraid.
    Hope this helps!

    Original Poster

    And now I see this which is also 22", seems identical to the other 22" and this is where I get confused as its £10 cheaper.…htm

    @masterbrown, awesome, cheers for the advice.
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