which is the better tv samsung, toshiba or panasonic?

Posted 4th Jan 2010

just looking for some opioions of which of these is the better tv.. if anyone has either of them would be great to get your input thanks. Im not looking for comments about the shop that is selling links used to show tv only ie am aready aware jl give 5 year guarentee etc


above link for Samsung LE40B530-P7 LCD HD 1080p Digital Television, 40 Inch


above link for Toshiba Regza 42AV635DB 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview and Resolution +

or now another option!! richersounds.com/pro…x10

42 inch Plasma TV HD Ready Freeview
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hi i dont know much about teles but i have just got a samsung 32" lcd and i must say it is rubbish the sound the picture the lot i absolutely hate it so personally i wouldnt buy another samsung tv again,i also have a sony bravia 40" and that is brilliant.it doesnt help you out much with your choice but thought i would mention it as you have a samsung as one of your choices.
I have this Samsung up on the wall in my dining room and I've never had a problem with it used for Freeview and Wii. Suits my needs just fine as a secondary TV. I think the John Lewis 5 year guarantee would swing it for me, plus I like the remote on the Samsung, nice and 'chunky' but that's just my opinion.

Good luck
thanks for the answers anyone else?
We got a sammy in the living room and only had one problem. The backlighting failed after 4 months. We got this fixed and it has run fine since. Amazing picture and loads of inputs.

We have the 37" 1080p modl, had it for about a year now
PANASONIC VIERA TXP42X10 thats the best one:)
Lovin my Samsung 32"
If your thinking about a Plasma , Panasonics are tops. Have a 6 or 7 year old pre HD 37"model and the picture quality is excellent . Despite what some "clowns" say about screen burn , 30,000 hr life etc .etc ,etc .Nothing of the sort and mine's on 7 to 8 hours a day.
panasonic everytime
Love my samsung tv! Lovely clear picture and sound. Personally I'd go for the Toshiba or the Sammy only because I've never had a Panasonic to know if its any gd or not.

panasonic everytime

not for lcd but deffo for plasma

not for lcd but deffo for plasma

but would still pick a panasonic plasma over any lcd . I have seen way to many samsungs and lg's come back for repair and customers complaining that I would just not trust my tech money on any other brand . panasonics have just such good quality and the picture q is top notch . Sony would be the only LCD maker I would trust the w series are up there
I have a panasonic 42" fantastic picture quality & sound. Not seen as good a quality standard def picture on any other flat screens I watched tv/dvd's off. Do a little surfing and you will see panasonic pretty much cleans up on awards.

Sky HD also looks stunning on it, especially sports.
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