Which is the better z270 motherboard?

Found 27th Feb 2017
I am looking for a z270 motherboard to pair a i5 7600k. It wont be used for gaming more for amateur video editing. I dont want to spend any more than £120. I have heard some of them automatically overclock the cpu?

ASRock Z270 Pro4 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard looks the best I have found and is £106 on amazon but to be honest I dont know too much about what I should be looking for...

There is also this which would save me buying a cooler..


Which is the better board?

I have also looked at Gigabyte GA-Z270P-D3 and Asus PRIME Z270-P but it seemed the ASrock had better features?
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Pretty much any is fine, I'd always go with ASUS or MSI personally, though.
It's an ok bundle if you trying to save money. The cpu cooler provided is ok enough for cooling.
I wouldn't use the auto-overclocking function, it's not always the best. If you don't understand what's overlocking, how to do it and what each setting you're changing means, you shouldn't overclock it yourself/ rely on the software.
When looking at the motherboard, you should look if it has any of the i/o ports that you need/want. The rest is trivial/marketing.

I dont know too much about what I should be looking for...

Whichever one offers the most ports and expansion slots for the hardware you're likely to add and connect to it.

If you're not likely to add much then you may be better off dumping the 7600k and it's requirement for a high end board and instead buying a £50-60 motherboard and an i7-7700.
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