Which Is The Most Current Non-Record TV Box Model From TalkTalk, Please?

Posted 19th Aug
Hello all, a quick question.

After phoning Retentions I was discussing my options.

I now have TalkTalk Faster Fibre (they said they've put me up to 67Mb approx, from 38Mb, not sure which package that is) and I was told I'm also eligible for a newer TV Box.

I chose one without the record function - though the last Huawei box they sent was about six years ago! (I have a Humax PVR so I'll continue using that at home, for all its quirks).

The idea was to replace mum's, which she's had for years as well. They sent me the same one she has already - the Huawei DN360T!

Given I got it free as part of my contract (which was a great deal, luckily, via retentions) I can't really grumble.

TL;DR: Which (non-record) TV Box is the most current from TalkTalk?

Thanks for your replies.

*If anyone's interested, I was on the 38Mb Broadband, All Day UK Calls £19.95 package (price-matching Moneysupermarket's deal months ago, thanks to HUKD). I now pay £22.95 for 67Mb, 18 month contract.

Though after seeing this, I should have held out for the Fibre 150 Deal!
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