Found 3rd Nov 2007
I have narrowed it down to 2 laptops

The fujitsu li1818 -…on2

Or this one…on1

Going to buy it today, what do you think has the best specs?. I like the HD screen on the HP one. And i like the 17" , 1mb chache memory on the processor on the fujitsu. So im not sure :?: . The hp also has a better gfx card im sure...

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go with the fuji


The hp also has a better gfx card im sure...

Both of them use shared memory for the display adaptor so expect whichever one you choose to be sluggish...........Vista is[COLOR=red] very[/COLOR] memory hungry.

Original Poster

Thanks got the fuji, liked the size of the screen . Plus the 160 hdd was a bonus, got about 300gb of 2.5" hdd's kicking about. So plenty of storage...

Must admit the lappy is efficient, quick, screen is great!
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