Found 12th Sep 2009
Hi All,

I am going to buy a new laptop next week and have narrowed my search down to these three (in order of my favorite):




I would really appreciate your comments on which one you would reccomend.
If you know of a better deal (£300-£400 mark) then im all ears.

Thanks in advance,


i was gonna buy the tosh but save yourself £70 and get this…664

at the expense of 90gb, 1gb of RAM and a fsb of 667 rather than 800

...70 quid is 70 quid!!!

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Hey bud,

thanx for your reply. not sure about vista with 1gb of RAM????
Also how does the Toshibacashback thing work?


Also how does the Toshibacashback thing work?

Toshiba £50 cashback info is ]here.
Essentially, between 30 & 60 days after the date you brought the laptop you register ]here, then send them your serial number, invoice and printed registration (recorded delivery to be safe).

Sukh says "at the expense of 1gb of Ram" which means it does have 2gb.

There is also the ]L300-291 from Aria (£315 after cashback) which was posted here but can't find it anymore. But I'm not sure how good Aria are to deal with.

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Oh Decisions Decisions...

Think im going to go 4 the original Toshiba.

Can any1 see a reason not to?

yeah the one i showed you saves you the best part of £100 and you dont loose much on specs.
160gb rather than 250 - which imo isnt much of a loss as memory is so cheap these days
2gb of ram rather than 3gb - 2gb is sufficient enough and if you need more its only £20 for 2gb more!
the only real loss is that the fsb is 667mhz rather than 800mhz but 667 is typical of a laptop so cant be bad!

do the right thing and save yourself £70!
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