Which laptop?

    hi, im looking at a couple of dell laptops, i need to decide between these two:




    Please will you give me your opinions on them, also does anyone know what sound card they come with and will it work with logitech Z5500's?

    What is the difference between the:

    Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor T5200 (1.6GHz/533 FSB/2M Cache)


    Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor T2060 (1.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache 533Mhz FSB)



    i think you would be mad to go with either of them while this one is still available…ell

    faster cpu,double the ram,bigger hd.

    core 2 duo is the better of the two & from what ive read has some thing like a 20-25% increase in performance over the core duo so again you'd be mad to go with the core duo.

    to answer your question in the thread above about the x1400 playing call of duty 2 have a look here this bloke gives a mini review of this dell laptop…199

    sorry cant help with the sound card

    the sound cards on laptops are fairly basic integrated with the mobo...most have a sound output so you can connect an external speaker system....I agree with ph166 about the better Dell offer in the hot deals.

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    wow! i had missed that! good job i didnt order last night! when have i got to order this by for that price to stay? i cant find the end dates on the offers except the free shipping. cheers

    Deals change on Thursdays for Dell, be sure to order before midnight Wednesday to be sure of the price as sometimes they start changing things early.
    If on Thursday after the new deals are posted you find a much better deal then you can always ring and cancel the first order and go again ;-)

    Mobile cpu specs and other useful info is available in the sidebar of my blog.

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    cheers mate, if i order tonight could i cancel on thursday evening still? thanks

    I have known dell to ship orders within 48hrs so dont place it too early if you want a chance of cancelling Thursday before its left them.

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    i ordered it about an hour ago. other people who have ordered have got ETA of the end of March so should be OK. what number do they phone you on? about 15 mins after i ordered i got a missed call from +3533727742. will that be dell? thanks

    Sounds like it might be dell... or walsh western their courriers.

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    it was only 15 mins after i ordered so i doubt it will be the courier lol

    They called me pretty quick.. was about 20min after order last time. Delivered next day within their 4 hour timeslot too. Was quite impressed.

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    wow seriously? everyone else who has ordered this has an ETA of the end of march. will they ring again do you think? cheers

    It wasn't this sorry for any confusion - was a 22" monitor. They'll ring back a few times then leave a message if they can. Had multiple calls missed from em while in lectures before.

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    orite kewl, cheers, this is a custom made alptop so doubt it will come next day lol

    Usually a few days to a week on laptops/desktops. Depends what you customise. Things like batterys etc usually only cause a minimal delay. Some of the really high end stuff can cause delays as well - not many quad core orders going through :P

    I ordered mine on Friday and its been dispatched today
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