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    I know people on here dis the PB Brand but I have never had a problem with them personally.

    Anyone know what battery the acer comes with cos I know PB is 4400mAH ?

    Thanks for any advice


    I'd go for A ...because if the CORE 2 CPU...but have you considered the £399 Acer currently in the HOT DEALS?.…cer

    The Acer in cchops link would be a wiser investment then the 2 refurbished models.

    Laptop ram has become really cheap now, you can get a 512mb stick for about £15-£20 on ebay or £25 brand new.

    Original Poster

    Was just thinking can get 5% off currys and free delivery plus possible cashback bringing prices closer to £350 delivered and no need to upgrade memory.

    Thanks for replies
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