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Found 15th Jan
Hi, I'm looking for laptop for my mum to do office work and watch some films, stream tv. Her budget is £400 top.
I found these two for £299 each and I'm wondering are they good choice ? I like touch screen in hp but I'm worried about being it more tablet than laptop and limited functionality. Any other options are welcome. She want to stick to 15.6'' inch screen if possible.
My parents already have £1500 gaming laptop at home but its more for everyone but she wants to keep this one just for herself.
What do you think? Thank you in advance for all advice


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Specs-wise the hp CPU beats out the lenovo, it's also cheaper. I'd go with the hp.
Yeah it is only a small difference but I noticed that too. She can always upgrade the ram to 8gb if she wishes to. Yesterday they both were £299, so I recon lenovo just sells quicker for some reason. Thanks
Anything weighing over 2kg definitely isn't more tablet than laptop.
You could find a better laptop for 400. But is your budget 300 or 400?
My budget is £400 but I found these two and I thought they would do my mum. I don't mind spending more I just did not find anything much better even for £100 extra. Atm I placed the order for hp which I managed to knock down the price to £279 with the guy on the phone. They have 30 days free returns policy so I have hp 'reserved' for me and if I find anything better in the mean time then I will return this one.
Yes, I really don't want another tablet so this is big advantage for me
Pros: 1080p screen + Better Display Quality. 1 TB Hardrive.
Cons: No Touchscreen
Better than the one above. It also has an SSD but the size is only 128GB.
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