Which laptop is a better deal?

    I have been looking to buy a new laptop and have came down to these 2. :

    ACER AS7540G
    ACER AS5738G

    They are pretty simalar, one has bigger hard drive, screen and is cheaper but the other one is a Intel T6600 processor which is better than the AMD M300 n the other.

    Here is a link to the compare page on…024

    Which one would you choose or maybe you know of a better laptop at the same price range (Max £500).

    Thanks for any help.


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    Link to compare page

    Definitely the Intel based laptop. In terms of performance the processor in the Intel is ranked no. 63, whilst the AMD is way down at no. 124.…tml

    i currently have the ACER AS5738G, very nice laptop, only problem is i really dont like the touch pad , has me jumping all over the place - whether the 540g is the same im not sure.

    also bigger screen doesnt = better. I had a 17" acer and just found that it was too big and heavy and wasnt very portable, so i bought this one which i can quite happily swing around my head lol

    hmmm which laptop is the better one, the ACER AS7540G or the ACER AS5738G, well there's only one way to find out.............................[SIZE="7"][COLOR="Red"]FIGHT !!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    I'll get me coat now & go and annoy another thread

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    Well i do love harry Hill so you can stay.

    Thanks for the help, Intel one seems to be better choice then, bigger screen = bigger laptop and i don't really need 500gig hard drive.

    Just looked and can't collect in store from my local store (not in stock) for either and the Intel one doesn't have delivery..... annoying.
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