Found 4th Mar 2009
Without going on price... which laptop is better... i like the first one.. but it dont have the keypad on the right like the other does... thats about it really..

ill post the links on the post below, as its easier to do the URL thingy.....

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the KU224ET Is a better deal imo

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which is that??...

imo, I would choose the 2nd link you posted.

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cool.. i was thinking 2nd one too.. but the 1st one looks like it got more stuff in it?

Second one wins it for me. Less powerful CPU, but not noticably so, in exchange for more pixels on your screen and more horsepower behind them, in the form of that lovely little 8200.

first one for me lol!

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okay so far (excluding me)

2 for the second one
1 for the first one
1 for other


okay so far (excluding me) 2 for the second one1 for the first one1 for … okay so far (excluding me) 2 for the second one1 for the first one1 for other

thing is for me, i dont like 17 inch laptops. when you have to move them around etc, it gets difficult.

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aint they both 15.6?

second one for me

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think im gonna go with the second one.. even though its got a smaller harddrive.. and less cache.... and no bluetooth...

cheers guys... think ill go nip out and buy it tonight.

BTW.. best i seen was in currys for £430.. there are others cheaper,.. but they seem a little different?
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