Which laptop out of these 2 would you choose? updated choices!

Found 19th Apr 2011
Iv got a choice of 2 laptops which i can get, these are the 2 i have a choice between

either an

samsung RV5 spec is : 15.6" CORE i3-380 4GB RAM 500GB



I pay £30 on top and get this

HP DV6 3120SA 15.6" i3-370M, 4GB Ram, 500GB HDD


The Samsung saves me £30 and i get a slightly better i3 processer. But it doesnt have seperate graphics card compared to the HP and the hard drive is slower at 7200.

I cant make up my mind on which one?

I know both of them arent the best but these are the 2 choices i get.

Either the Samsung or the HP for £30 more.

Which one would you choose from the 2 options above?

Any feed back will be great. Thanks

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If hard drive capacity isn't going to be an issue, I would probably go with the cheaper one for now. In the future, should you fill the hard drive, you can always get a cheap external drive. Otherwise, I'm not a tech-head, so I can't break down the specs enough to decide which is 'better'... my choice would be based around the above.

If the HP is better looking etc, you do have to live with it every day, so if you're not on a very tight budget, then go for the HP.

Umm my gut feeling would be the HP just because of build quality. Would probably find the HP battery better too but you would have to look into that. If I had to chose I think I would go HP over Acer.

if playing games you need to look at the graphics cards

i would go for something like this


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To be perfectly honest, its just the look of the acer which puts me off. Genreally i use external hard drives for most of my stuff.

Im just having trouble justifying spending £70 on something which is slighly slower but to much looks nicer and will have a better build. Just little stuff like the track pad and buttons on the acer are poor, where as on the HP they are better. I guess.
Hate being indecisive lol!


Its highly unlikely you'll notice the difference in processor speed even if you ran them side by side
But you will notice the difference the graphics card can make

why are those your only choice?

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actually i managed to find out that i could go for a samsung RV5 instead which is £38 more instead Spec is :15.6" CORE i3-380 4GB RAM 500GB


Hm i think its a choice between the Samsung or HP now. Im leaning towards the Samsung, but i like the HP key board and screen. Just wish it wasnt red! lol

I think you should go for the HP, it seems to be the one you prefer and I think it's a false economy to buy a laptop you're not that keen on to save money as you'll probably end up losing money as you'll want to replace it sooner. You're going to be using the keyboard/touchpad all the time so it's important you find them comfortable to use as it can be very annoying if you don't.


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why are those your only choice?

I get a laptop provided through a project i am doing and i have a choice of laptops from which i can choose from. Most of them are rubish, the ones iv selected are the 'best' from the bunch. But i wasnt sure on which one i should pick.

if your wanting it for gaming/graphics work, go for the hp, if im correct (and im not a tech head so i may not be) the hp graphics is dedicated wheras the samsung is integrated, so wont be upto gaming etc
however, I have a similar hp, think its 3122sa, and its taking me a while to get to grips with the track pad, its more sensitive in movement, but less sensative in touch (tapping) than my old hp, so im struggling abit, the keyboard is nice thow and it does feel pretty robust.

dedicated graphics card all the way.

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dedicated graphics card all the way.

Is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card any good compared to the standard Intel GMA X4500M DVMT?

I have had about 4 HP/Compaq notebooks have the mobo die, so that's food for thought.

Iv had a hp compaq presario for about 5 yrs, and apart from having the screen replaced (i dropped it) its been fine, only upgraded as needed more ram and dedicated graphics. i like hp laptops, but each to their own

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Thanks for the input guys. I think im going to go with the HP and just pay the extra.

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