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Found 6th Apr 2007
Kind of a deal request but also looking for advice. Haven't a clue about anything technical and am only in thought process on this at moment but can someone tell me what I should be looking for on a laptop...

I want to...

Have Wireless access (already have wireless in house so just needit to be compat)
Surf the net
Download high volumes of junk so it needs to be fast.
Store high volumes of junk (will also consider an external hard drive later in year but not now, so still needs a lot of memory)
To preferably come with a good upto date virus protection system.
To have a dvd/cd burner.
To play dvds.
To play games like sims2 with its multiple extension packs at a decent speed, and be able to keep up with other games like second life (not that i play second life as my desktop cant handle it but it would be nice to have the option)
To access msn
Stream tv would be fun also but not necessary

anyother suggestions of things i may want it to do are welcome as i cant remember at mo.

Would like good prices for laptops that will happily cope with that lot, or what would also be really helpful, what specifications i need for that lot to work, so i can compare laptops myself also.
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What is your max budget as that will have a strong influence on recommendations.

To preferably come with a good upto date virus protection system.

Completely unnecessary, please don't let this influence your decision at all.

AVG is free and better than Norton etc. anyway.
Thanks dean I'll look into AVG

Curry - Budget cheap as possible.

I really don't want to spend more then a few hundred as I know how much they deprieciate.

I've seen one in PC world for £299.99 but don't know if it will handle everythin I want

Poor Value for your Money there!

If I had to buy today I would probably be looking at this hotukdeals.com/for…top

However I dont have to buy today & am holding off to see what Dell might offer over the next week or 2.

For the 3 - 400 £ price range you can also forget playing the latest & greatest games too (not sure about the ones you mention though).....

you'll not get much in the way of performance for £300..the Dell is good value and you'll get 4.5% quidco cashback
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