Which laptop should I get out of these 2?

Hiya, am going to get a new laptop tomorrow, I know sweet FA about them but I like the HP Pavillion 15 (in purple)



Intel or AMD? The AMD has more storage I think?
Am really clueless, any help would be appreciated


hmmm tough choice, the intel model has a faster processor but the amd has more RAM and double the hard drive space. id go for the AMD
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Both of these laptops are going to perform in pretty much the same way imo - That is assuming you just want something to browse the internet with and maybe knock out the odd word document.

Depends if you want the storage.

If you are running a 64 bit OS though (ha) 2GB of your memory will be used by windows 8 pretty much solidly - top that with another 2GB from office, and you might have some problems. But Should be fine. budget laptops like that are fine (and very similar) as long as you dont expect to perform heavy duty tasks with them.

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I can't afford anything over £350.

I just want it for internet browsing, watching films on, maybe a bit of writing.

Passmark wise both those CPUs score about the same:
Intel Core i3-3217U @ 1.80GHz 2303
AMD A8-4555M APU 2176
The Intel will have better single core performance but AMD's module approach (CMT) gives a bigger boost than Intel's hypertreading (HT). Either way, these are both 4 thread processors just the AMD is 2 modules, 4 threads while the Intel 2 cores, 4 threads.

In my opinion this will do everything you want and more, i'm currently on the HP 8GB RAM 750GB HDD 15.6'' Windows 8 Home Edition 15-E040Sa and it'll stream live things play films and do anything i want.

Best thing to do with HP though is make sure to get rid of all the stuff they install that you don't need or want.

Tesco has these types of laptop for roughly the same price, and they are currently doubling up on clubcard vouchers if you have any to help with the price.

I would say though, don't expect the colour to be that bright, it may well be on the other colours but i have a blue pavilion and most of the time it just looks black.
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