which laptop to buy out of these two???

    hi, guys im thinking of buying a laptop done my research and i found these two laptops which are in my price range , and have good spechs the first one is from currys here is the link…x=1
    the price is£499.99 using the 10% code bringing it down to around£450
    then there is the accer one from comet priced at £489.99 here is the link…ion. can any one tell me which one to get and why?


    I'd go for the acer...and don't forget quidco

    Firstly I wanted to ask you what you'd use the laptop for so that I could help to recommend the one that would be better for you.

    But.... then I looked at the two laptops and they are pretty much identical, so whatever you'll use it for, these two will be very similar. The Toshiba has a slightly better processor with bigger Cache and the Acer will have slightly better battery. However, the differences will be minimal. Personally, I'd go for the acer one simply because it has better build quality and looks better.

    I personally wouldn't go for either but stump up the extra few quid for a core 2 duo with everything else v similar... but out of those 2? go for the acer.

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    these two laptops are both core duo, and the toshiba has a tru brite screen and also the toshiba has a longer battery life.

    it has longer claimed battery life - for standard usage you will probably find Acer to outperform the Toshiba.

    But, I agree, the Tru brite screen is nice.

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    i am going away and my flight is 12 hours and i would like to do some work so i was looking for a laptop with good specs and around the £500 mark. i wanted a laptop with long battery life and the toshiba was the longest i found with good specs and is in my price range

    i would have said the acer, it has a larger HD capacity and looks nicer as well!

    Go for the acer, its ace!

    [SIZE=2]it has twice the storage space and the acers screen looks lush[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]i would also say the acer[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]oh and it looks a tad better than the tosh[/SIZE]

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    thanks for your comments guys, the only thing that accer is putting me off is becasue of the battery life only 2.3 hours compared to the toshiba which is 3.4 hours and the tohsiba has trubrite screen, i am relly confused. accer has double the amount of space than the toshiba and the toshiba is £30 cheaper has longer battery life and has trubrite screen. arghhhhhh so confusing damn these stores and their wide ranges. lol

    if you want good battery life, go for the Dell Inspiron 640m with 9-cell battery upgrade.

    It's an excellent laptop for portability, check out the link below (although it may be cheaper in a future deal, this certainly isn't the best deal they've had on this laptop).

    £599 incl delivery…ok1

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    thats £100 over my budget any for under £500


    Its been a while since I was on a plane but dont they have sockets in the seat arms now for laptop power? or is that just Business class?

    The Dell 640M is really a very nice bit of portable kit and could be down to £529 again real soon...trying to tempt you ;-)

    yes sorry sarbjeet i didn't make myself very clear - the 640m will most likely come down to around £500 in the near(ish) future, it seems to come and go every week!

    as for sockets on planes - unfortunately not (maybe business class but it's a while till I'll be able to afford that)

    I would favour the acer over the toshiba, as i think all of 5 minutes of design has gone into the toshiba

    I would avoid both brands personally and go for Dell, HP or Fujitsu-Siemans


    £529 one

    Much better, I have it its fast reliable etc and 80gb

    i got it for 489 quid though, wait a week it will prob go down with other offers on it and stuff

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    I Am Going On The 4th December At 6am So I Need It Before Then, And I Cant Wait Very Long, Mike Can You Help?


    I Am Going On The 4th December At 6am So I Need It Before Then, And I … I Am Going On The 4th December At 6am So I Need It Before Then, And I Cant Wait Very Long, Mike Can You Help?

    Well you've gone then!!!..and where too??? cos if it's the USA you'll get one at half the price they are in blighty.


    its the 4th today, and you posted that at 12:52 ??

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    sorry i meant to say 14. lol my bad and im going to toronto

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    can any one tell me then please as i need it urgently???


    can any one tell me then please as i need it urgently???

    But why do you need it so urgently..have you checked on the web to see how much they are in Canada...I bet a lot cheaper than here so why not purchase there?

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    Plugs, Warranty Problems And Alos I Was Hoping To Do Some Work On The Flight Which Is For 12 Hours


    Plugs, Warranty Problems And Alos I Was Hoping To Do Some Work On The … Plugs, Warranty Problems And Alos I Was Hoping To Do Some Work On The Flight Which Is For 12 Hours

    Well as you know the battery life on most laptops is 2 to 2 1/2hours so you'll have another 10 hours to kill.

    If I was getting something at almost half price in another country I don't think I'd be that worried about the for plugs well they are cheap as chips.

    Did you consider the Compaq one on the Currys site?..the thread is on this post?

    The advice, within your budget, was to go for the Acer at Comet....did you have a look at it and were put off??...if you are content with a smaller hard drive then the Toshiba looks fine.

    On Thursday there will be some new Dell deals and if you order promptly you'll get it well in time for your Canadian markwillis has recommended the 640m is designed for mobilty but if you look on the Dell website the best deal is E value code NPUK5-NT26M6 at £639 for a really good spec....5.5% quidco takes it to nearer £600 which is way over your budget....maybe thursday will get it nearer to £550ish??

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    great thanks currychops greatly appreciated, if you dont mind but when the dell deals are on can you please let me know i would like to spend the least amount of money. thanks

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    are compaqs any good?


    are compaqs any good?

    Well they are now part of Hewlett Packard so should be up to standard...and I have had dealings with their customer services which have been that is reassuring.....pop along to a Currys and take a look before deciding...of course don't buy from the shop as there is 10% off via the web and 3% quidco cashback.
    Web purchases usually arrive within a couple of days.

    Out of them two them I would take the Toshiba.

    Better processor, better battery life, better reliability, better build quality and better screen. If you are half technical you could changed the hard drive later on down the line and increase the system ram (I know they are equal here). They both have wireless network but the Acer spec says no LAN port and although the Curries write up doesn’t mention if there is a LAN port on the Toshiba I would bet it has one. However the Acer has the bigger hard drive with a CD/DVD RW would this be a feature you would really need to use?

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    thanks euromancer your comment was very helpful and currychops thanks for the compaq help, the compaq laptop is this one i am goin to make my final decision today either the toshiba or the compaq last verdict please.…x=1,

    the toshiba one is…405

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    and guys i greatly appreciate your help.

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    any by the way does the toshiba come with vista upgrade

    Ah the Toshiba does have a DVD/CD RW its doesn't say about Vista upgrade but in all honesty you will need a powerful rig to run Vista well, which lets face it this laptop isn't, I cannot see myself upgrading just to upgrade lets face it Micro$haft are consistent on one thing. There software is mostly just visual upgrades but behind the scene it’s the same old stuff.

    For the money you are paying I wouldn't worry too much about Vista no doubt it will be most sensible to let the product come out for a year or so, so that most of the major bugs are found. Lets face it most of Micro$haft products are debugged in the market place.

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    but then how can the accer one from comet run on vista


    any by the way does the toshiba come with vista upgrade

    yes i asked instore, it comes with the vista upgrade offer.

    i would go for the toshiba. should have mine by friday :-D

    oh check this thread out:…d=1

    you can stack 2 codes and get the toshiba for £404 if your lucky!!

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    yeh, i no worked for me 2

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    k toshiba it is. thanks guys
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