Which Laptop would you choose out of these two?

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Found 20th Sep 2008
Hi everyone,

Im in a bit of a dilema, Im looking for a new laptop, my acer has died, so not having one of those ever again!

I basically use the laptop for surfing the web and playing games like spore, sims, the witcher etc. I want a fast laptop though, I hate waiting lol

These are two laptops I have found that seem good value for money, and I really like the style

Toshiba A300D-15B : £530
AMD Turion Ultra Dual Core ZM80
4GB Ram
250GB Hard Drive
15.4in widescreen
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3600 graphics card with 512Mb Dedicated memory


Toshiba A300-1HV : £480

Intel Core 2 Duo T5750
320Gb hard drive
15.4in widescreen XGA CSV display
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470 graphics card with 256Mb Dedicated memory

I have always had intels, but AMD's new 'PUMA' Turion range sounds good, and it has a better graphics card, is it worth the extra £60?

Or is there any laptop out the same or better spec? My spending limit is £550.

Thanks in advance, rep to any who can help!


The 2nd one. :thumbsup:

Looks good too

Original Poster


The 2nd one. :thumbsup:Looks good too

Is the intel chip better then? The 1st one has a better graphics card, and the processor is a little better (speed?), so is it worth the extra £60?


If you could find it cheaper, I would go for the 1st one

It depends on what it's used for.
For gaming, I would choose the first one, however, for general everyday use, the second one with the higher amount of RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo processor would be far more sufficient.

Original Poster

thanks guys. Should I fork out the extra £100 and get the Sony fw11e? It's £620, it has a centrino 2 2.2ghz proccessor, 250gb hard drive and a 256mb ati graphics card. And it's a sony lol
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