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I'm looking for a little bit of advice please.

I'm starting a Diploma shortly and will require a laptop/netbook of some description for coursework.

No real need for a disc drive as long as there's a USB port.

Will mainly be used for typing essays etc and some browsing.

What would anyone suggest?




If money is an issue, check out your local library if practical. They may let you use their workstations and let you save your work on USB.

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If money is an issue, check out your local library if practical. They … If money is an issue, check out your local library if practical. They may let you use their workstations and let you save your work on USB.

Money isnt a real issue although im not rich by any stretch of the imagination!!

I was hoping to get something for under £300 if possible.

Library isnt practical, by the time I finish work etc there is no time for the library.

Thanks anyway.


For coursework type use I would prioritise the following areas as best you can as everything else in terms of requirements from a laptop is going to be secondary.

- Large size screen
- High resolution screen
- Good keyboard for typing

To that end the following seem good options…811?hash=item4b07ee2923:g:P38AAOSwaB5XqG4J
Current gen i5, 1 year warranty, full HD, 17 inch screen. Only real downsides are it's an Acer. It's also £320 and a model with inferior specification was on here a couple of weeks ago for £379 and only after a 'cashback' promotion was it that price it was £429 IIRC.…tml
This is a refurbished machine with a 90 day warranty but it's a business laptop and has a good keyboard, full HD screen and it's light enough to take out and about in a backpack. The benefit of it being a business model is that it's built with lots of use in mind and it won't have an issue with being thrown about because it's made with metals rather than plastics in the places that it matters unlike a consumer grade machine. It's likely this will have an extended warranty beyond the 90 days listed from Dell but no guarantee on that without having the machine in front of you. However, I've had many similar machines now and one is approaching 10 years old and short of a bit of cleaning, it's still working fine.,1…tml
Similar to the last model I listed, this is a business laptop with a warranty until 26/01/18. Solid keyboard for typing on. With the money you save I'd recommend getting a small external monitor to hook up to it so that you can use dual monitors as this is a godsend when doing any sort of studying (I'd advocate that on all these options anyway as it makes things a lot easier as you can see here ). I suspect this will be a base model with a HD ready screen so it's a bit of a compromise but the warranty, price and build quality will last you the course +5years. The only real down side is it lists a few marks on the case.

Can you buy new, yes, of course you could, but the problem with this is that you find laptops around the £300 mark are built to last 1-2 years, my experience is that they fail shortly after the warranty expires. Personally I consider a laptop an investment that should last a number of years until the hardware inside it can no longer keep up with doing the tasks I use it for, sadly consumer laptops just want you to buy a new laptop year on year because it makes these companies a fortune.
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Personally I'd go with a ultrabook like the asus zenbook, but they are going to be out of your £300 budget, without you have an old laptop you can trade in for the PC world promo (link)

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Thanks everyone that's really helpful.

Many thanks
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