Which LCD for £800?


    Does anyone have any idea on which lcd is best for around the £800 mark?

    Looking at either 37 or 40 ins and full 1080p as well as 100mhz if poss.

    Any help appreciated as I am currently scouring the internet!


    I have a Sony KDL-V3000 which I believe is available for about £760 now. It's a great 1080p set, and once calibrated gives an excellent picture with strong blacks for an LCD set. Blu-rays look great.…it/

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    whats the contrast ratio for the sony and is it 100hz?

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    anyone have any other ideas?

    Your best bet is costco, you do need to be a member, but its not more than £30 to join, much less if you are trade. They have offers that are very competitive, and tvs have a 3 year warranty.

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    it looks like the sony bravia is the best buy at the mo, i was just looking for something that was 100hz as well.

    Toshiba 37Z3030 for me a stunning set 1080p and 100hz active vision scan (which IMO gives the best pic for fast moving items, like watching football etc), people on AVforums rave about it when the tv is setup correctly, currently around £780ish on soundandvision and digitaldirect and I think they both have quidco and so can get around £20 off the price as well.

    According to the latest What HiFi magazine, which always knows which is the best kit to buy, the Panasonic TX-37LZD70 is absolutely amazing. Its rrp is £950 but I'm sure you could find it cheaper somewhere and wouldn't be disappointed with its quality. Full 1080p, 24fps, 2x hdmi....ooh and that one is 37" as well
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