Which LCD/plasma TV for SD viewing?

    My CRT is heading towards it's final moments and I want to replace it with a larger LCD or plasma TV so it takes up less space and to get a bigger picture. I have normal Sky, but can't see me paying the extra for HD any time during the life of the new TV unless it becomes widely available and much cheaper. I have a normal DVD player, not a HD one and I won't be using it for games. I don't need an integral Freeview tuner unless the price is the same as without.

    I'm following all the recent TV threads with interest, but most of the discussion is whether or not they are truly HD and concentrating on that.

    Any views on which LCD/plasma TV from 32" to 42" is going to be best for 'normal' TV viewing. A 5 year guarantee would be nice:)

    Any comments appreciated and rep waiting.



    I think HD programming will be more widely available within 5 years. Also HDDVD/BLURAY will get much cheaper or be superseded by the next technology. The HD tvs can upscale DVD content as well, so it looks closer to HD quality.
    However saying all this I agree don't get too caght up in true 1080P technology too much, a 1080P Plasma is still very expensive, but in 5 years they will be cheap..
    If you want a tv bigger than 37 inches I would suggest the Panasonic 37 or 42PX60 as tremendous value, highly rated pictrue quality and will also display 720P.
    For smaller than 37 inches LCD may be the way to go.

    There are plenty of threads for great deals on the Panasonics, if you haven't already read them.

    Personally I have a Hitachi 42PD9700, it will also do 720P, I bought from John Lewis 3 months ago for £1500 with 5 year warranty, price has now plummeted to £1000 or less.

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    Thanks for that. I've been keeping up to date with all the threads, but getting buried in all the HD discussion. I quite fancy the Panasonic range, but viewing them in stores is pointless as the feed qualities vary hugely. My dad has a Panasonic 26PX60 and the picture quality on that is superb, but I had always assumed that the picture quality gets worse as the TV gets larger? Certainly the reviews of the 32" weren't as good as for the 26".

    I spent several weeks and a frightening amount of time looking at every intimate detail and opinion on several 32" - 42" sets and eventually settled on the Panasonic TH42PX60b. It's a fantastic set and standard def Sky far exceeded my expectations.

    I was planning to get the 37" model as I thought the 42" would be far too imposing for my bedroom but I couldn't get hold of one. Surprisingly when setup it was far less imposing than the 28" CRT it was replacing.

    At one stage I was almost certain I was going to get a 32" Samsung or Toshiba LCD but they didn't particularly impress me once I started comparing them to the Panasonic. There was also the hassle of opening my wallet far wider than I had planned for as I was of course moving from £600ish to £900ish.

    My only worry is that In the process I may have inadvertently converted myself to a plasma bitch Hatin' on you LCD fools now, lol.

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    Thanks. I like the look of the 42" Panasonic as well, but when I tried to mock up something of a similar size in my living room it looked huge (this was the cabinet version, mind, and the cabinet, in my opinion is a little tall for the TV, but then I am short....). I've seen it in the shops, but it's difficult to tell there. I was thinking about going for the 37", but there isn't a lot in the price these days so the 42" seems better value. Decisions, decisions...Got to do something before we move house or my wife will spend all the money on sensible things.

    When I initially put the 42" in the living room it was a bit of a shock at first, big change from a 26" CRT. Now we are used to it(wife included) and when visiting friends wonder how we ever managed with a small screen. Another friend has the 37PX60 and I didn't like to say but think he should have gone for the 42" version. Personally I don't like the silver surround and stand with the panasonic. If the pioneers had got better reviews I would have maybe gone for one, they look superb with the black bezel surround.

    Go for 42" I say, unless you have to sit really close to the TV.(closer than 7-8 feet imo)

    P.S Sometimes I think I should have gone for a 50 inch plasma, maybe next time.

    I sit 7.5ft away (yes I happened to measure it just the other day) from my screen and it looks just peachy

    When I eventually managed to get the thing home I did wonder if i'd lost my marbles as the box was totally scary. No regrets about the larger model though once it was setup.

    Oh, If you are going to be moving in the near future you really really need to keep the box, and don't forget that it has to be transported vertically as large screens sag when layed flat.

    1.6 metres(5 and a bit feet) viewing distance for a 42" HDTV according to this website. So maybe I was a bit out with 7-8 feet.


    this site suggests that I should have bought a bigger screen, oh noes!!:-(
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