Which LED floodlight? cant find a definitive answer online!


    I need to buy 2 LED floodlights for the back garden and driveway:

    The garden is 15m(49 feet) long.
    The driveway is 13m(42 feet) long.

    I can't seem to find an answer online as to which wattage I should get. I want both areas to be pretty well lit. At the minute I'm leaning towards a 30w LED such as this one:…TF8

    But I'm wondering if I should go for a 50 for the back garden.

    There are no houses in front of me so I won't be disturbing neighbors. There's also a large fence at the back, so again, it shud'nt bother the neighbors.

    Any input would be appreciated.


    p.s. can the light listed above be turned permanently on and off by a switch? So the sensor is active always however you can turn it on permanently if you know your going to be outside for a longer period of time? I'm guessing it cant?


    Ideally get a driverless led flood light will last you years

    The 30w light will be bright enough for driveway and back garden, it is very bright. You won't be able to switch it on permanently as it has the sensor so when it stops detecting movement it will switch itself off, but if you are putting a switch in for it then you can switch it off permanently. If you are outside for long periods then the sensor will pick you up anyway and stay on.
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    Look at the brand 'steinel' for LED floodlights. They are a quility german brand.
    They are not cheap, but real quality. Sometimes you can buy from amazon germany at a good discount
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