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Found 23rd Aug 2017
Evening all.

I've got £850 in Currys giftcards to spend on a new MacBook as an insurance replacement for my wife. She had a MacBook Air before and doesn't want a Windows laptop.

We could buy the new 2017 MacBook Air linky here or go for the 2015 and now discontinued MacBook Pro instead click thine mouse here

Obviously the MacBook Air will have a newer processor, but is less powerful still and the Pro has the much nicer Retina screen. I'd be tempted to go for the Pro as it's more powerful, but I thought I'd canvas any opinions before attempting to persuade the unpersuadeable.

She doesn't do much other than look at the internet on it and a bit of word processing from time to time, she doesn't want an iPad either which was upsetting as we could've both got new iPads out of that amount

Please don't suggest she gets a Windows laptop as we don't want one - everything else computery and techy in the house is Apple.

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What does she use the laptop for?
I'd go for the Air, because in 3 years the Pro will just be an outdated laptop, whereas the Air will still be something special. A 5 year old Air still has a lot of value in the right circumstances (e.g. travel, casual use around the home). Yes it's less "powerful", but she doesn't need power.

I don't own any Apple stuff, but I have a Chromebook which is a poor man's version of the Air, i.e. super-portable and "good enough" (and not as good looking). It will always have an advantage over any "normal laptop" because of its portability and convenience, no matter how outperformed it is in terms of specs, as long as it can browse, watch Netflix, and respond to emails. In a few years, the Pro's advantages will be gone - and she won't even really make use of them now.
I'd get the Pro for the screen but it's heavier and bigger and she doesn't need really anything powerful. The Air is perfect for her kind of usage but has a mediocre screen.
I guess it depends on whether she values more portability and long battery life over a nice screen. If she's already used to an Air, I'd say she won't miss a nice screen.

I don't think the price for the Pro is that great. I got my MacBook 2017 13 inches for just over 1K brand new and this one isn't much less and it's 2 generations behind. I suppose you didn't consider the newer Pro only because of the lack of legacy ports.
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Thanks for the input people, portability isn't really an issue as she's not lugging it out to coffee shops and the like. It spends most of its time on the sofa.

The lack of ports isn't really an issue as not much gets connected - I didn't think about the 2017 model as I just saw the other one at not too much more. I'll have a look.
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