which mobile...?

    hi..seeing as iv cracked my lcd screen for my D900 (AGAIN!!!) Iv had enough and out on the look out for a new phone..

    I dont want to spent alot, i just need a decent looking phone, with good battery life and one what will last...

    Not to bothered about the features such as camera, esp not the mp3 etc..
    oh and Im on O2 and would like to stay that way

    So far iv seen

    Nokia 6300 for £58.99 - with 10£ credit @ cpw
    Samsung u600 £58.99 - with 10£ credit @ cpw
    Samsung steel £59.99 @ play

    which out of those 3 is best? / is there anything else u can recomend?

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    any help would be apperciated ...with rep ofc :thumbsup:
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