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Posted 24th Nov
Hi all, so my beloved S7 Edge stopped working, it wont charge or turn on (despite doing all of the reset options). So EE are offering me a S10E with 60GB for £38 or the A70 with 10GB (but with a free nintendo switch, which is handy just before Christmas, but overly bothered as I have a PS4), the A70 cost is £39, no upfront on either....I am currently on £20 sim only as I needed to get my bills down (so much for that)....Really like the size of the A70 as its a whole inch bigger than the 10E...but does anyone have experience of either phone?
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Both deals are pretty poor tbh.
Unfortunately getting a deal direct from EE results in poor offers.
Have a look at this
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Isn’t that basically a mud range v flagship? Unless you really want a switch which you’ve said you don’t then stick to the s10 but ask to speak to disconnections cos you’ve seen the same deal a lot cheaper and they’ll bring the price down.
I wouldn't, you can get a top end phone and a pile of cashback every black Friday that's a poor deal to me

Put it this way last black Friday I got the mate 20 pro, unlimited texts/calls, 80gb data £120 cashback, a watch, zero upfront and £37 a month and also the choice of sky sports mobile /Spotify /prime or Netflix for the 2 years....
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I agree with the previous posts. Upgrade deals are really poor from EE at the mo. Better off porting your number out, get a new deal and port your old number in. For £30pcm, expect at least 20gb with the S10E. My Sister has the A80 which she bought SIM free. Very nice phone. Apparently it's as good as the Galaxy range. My only gripe with it is there are no notification lights on the phone. Only icons on the AOD. Which isn't always on.
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