Which Mobile Cases are Better?

    Just wondering to anyone who cares to read this...

    Which phone cases your prefer to protect your phone, the folio ones which flip over and protect the screen, or the slip on ones that just protect the back and sides?

    I always used the folio ones as I think they protect the screen better in a drop especially on rough ground, but considering getting the other as its makes the phone smaller to carry.


    flip type - my phones last a long time.

    I currently have the official apple battery case on my iphone 6s cant recommend it enough, its very pricey but worth every penny in my opinion. Before that i used the thule x3 and thats also a great case.

    99p wallet/book case off ebay, buy new one every year .

    Have found Spigen cases to be well designed and well made.

    Dualtekk bulky but do the job


    Have found Spigen cases to be well designed and well made.

    Second Spigen. Great cases, well made, high quality and also look pretty good. I use a normal style bumper case, then add in a screen protector. I don't like the wallet style cases the flaps get in the way of the camera.

    Otterbox Defender.....not cheap but worth it, found my last one at half price with a glass screen protector
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    I use one that covers the back and sides and then put a screen protector on I also try not to keep it in the same pocket as my keys

    I use survivor cases. Dropped my iPhone numerous times on the pavement and with a quick blessing checks and it's been ok so far. The dread of picking it up to a cracked screen is scary oO

    Spigen ever time with a cheap glass screen protector. Just make sure you don't get a copy one like some on eBay. Better to buy direct from their website.

    I've used cheaper generic cheaper cases from £1 which are hit'n'miss in terms of quality but used some at £1-2 which protected the phone. After swiping it out of my hand bounced off the corner of a solid glass door and bounced on to the floor and it never had a so much as a scratch. On the other hand I've used (and still do) use Spigen and Ringke as I find they offer good quality all round protection while fitting perfectly and still have that slimish feel to it. Personal preference with trial and error I guess.

    I'll second the Spigen recommendation - I've dropped my phone several times and each time it's come to no harm. That said, my case is looking a little worse for wear now so I've just backed one of these from Indiegogo. It looks pretty promising:…845

    I've only ever bought cheap flip cases from eBay. hubby's had otterbox which was great. With his current phone he got I think it was called a unicorn beetle or something and that didn't work with a glass screen protector on his lg g4 so it's sitting in a drawer and he's got a cheap back and sides cover on it.

    I prefer the flip cases as they give all round cover but they mane the phone much more bulkier than need be.

    Otterbox. Depending on the model, some have 2 / 3 part structures and a raised bezel around the phone which covers all corners and adds shock absorbsion / screen protection. If you drop your phone the bezel sits proud of the screen and takes the impact.
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