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Found 7th Aug 2008
I've been given a buget of around £800 (preferably less) to spend on a laptop. I'm getting most confused by the amount of CPUs available. I'm looking at speed (nothing less that 2GHz as a rule) but even then I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing.

Which are the latest CPUs about at the moment which will go like the brown stuff off a shovel within my price range?

Any suggestions of laptop would be bob on too. Only requirements really are that it must have decent screen, DVD-R, more than two USB and a card reader.



Don't know which one is the best but : have a look on the Intel website and find the fastest one. Then see if any of the laptops in your price range include that CPU. If not see which one the laptop does have and compare it to the top-of-the-range one. Hope that helps :thumbsup:

The T9XXX series are going to be the fastest. but they'll also be the hottest and most battery hungry.


Higher cache and FSB is better for performance.

Are you looking for a powerful and luggable 15" or 17" laptop or a more portable 12" or 13" laptop?

You want to make sure you dont get a chip with anything slower than an 800mhz fsb speed. The slightly older santa rosa based chips are good value, with the T7500 running at 2.2ghz with 4mb cache.. The newer Penryn chips (i.e 8 series) run at the same 800mhz fsb but the cheaper ones only have 3mb cache, so even though they are better designed, u wont see any performance increase for your money.The 9 series chips mostly have 6mb cache on an 800mhz fsb, but are far more expensive (but rock!). My advice is either get a cheap well specced T7500 laptop or get one of the faster 8300 (2.4ghz) based ones.. just avoid anything with nvidia graphics (8400m, 8600m etc) as they have serious problems. :whistling:

Look at the newer P series of Intel C2d processors. Google the Asus F8Va-B1.. its probably the newest and best sepc laptop to buy. Only thing it lacks is a Bluray drive, which you can get replaced in the future. The model is not available in Europe yet. I have only seen it sold in the US so far. It was released in july. The laptop comes with 2 yrs world wide warranty and 1 yr accidental cover, so you should be fine to get it fixed in the UK. Excaliberpc seem to ship it across to UK and have rock solid reviews online, try them I think with VAT and duty the laptop comes to around £750.
Also note that for this price you get a 45nm, 1066FSB 2.26GHz 25W TDP processor, 1GB 3650 ATi GFX and 4Gb of DDR800 RAM, so its all top notch according to me.. !!!

I am buying it from the states this month, should cost me £600... !!! Hope this helps.. !!! Otherwise stick to the P8400 and above C2D processors and you'll have top notch kit!!
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