Which mobile handsets operate like an iphone?

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Found 8th Aug 2012
My father only requires a basic sim only deal for the amount he uses a mobile, however he struggles using a push button type handset. I gave him a play on my iphone 3g and he seemed much more comfortable with it.

Hence my question is which handset can I get that operates as per an iphone but is not stuck to a contract situation or does not cost a small fortune? It obviously doesn't have to be an apple but should be reliable and preferably unlocked.

Any help appreciated.


If your looking at that era you could always just get him a 2nd hand 3gs thats unlocked or a Samsung Galaxy S1 both at about £80ish the S1 probably cheaper.

A San Fran would be another option but unsure of their prices

Android phones? Samsung Galaxy Ace looks and works like an iPhone!


Android phones? Samsung Galaxy Ace looks and works like an iPhone!

This. Around 4 of my friends are on Samsung Galaxy Ace contracts for about £10 a month with plenty of texts minutes and data too. Also the handset is free on the contract. I'm more than certain you can pick one up for less than a couple hundred quid though too.

Android running a launcher that has an iOS theme?

Orange Monte Carlo cheap Pay as you go & has a larger screen than the iphone.

Windows Phone

Ultra simple to use, very intuitive, very cheap at the mo (HTC Mozart or Nokia Lumia 710 both available around £100 unlocked - stick a Giffgaff £10 per month goodybag SIM in and you're very much rocking)

Plus you can drop them on the floor unlike an iPhone.

Well, you can drop an iPhone, but it breaks.

Into lots and lots of little Appley pieces.

An iphone 3gs? They're pretty cheap now second hand...

Changes vote! +1 on the Windows phone

Yeah just buy him a 3GS. £80 - £100
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I'm also gonna go with a windows phone. By far the most user friendly & easy to use phone OS.

You could get him the same as yours ?
iPhone 3G are around £70 now.
Just get a unlocked one and put a PAYG sim in it.
I would suggest a giffgaff sim (they have cheap calls and texts and for £10 you get 250 mins, unlimited internet and texts).
If you go on giffgaff you can either get an unlocked phone or one on o2.
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