Which mobile networks allow tethering?

Found 13th Jul
Probably an off repeated question, but what mobile networks allow tethering? In particular Virgin, I can't find any reference on the website...

Thanks to you all
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IamMT15 m ago

Lots of info …Lots of info here:https://kenstechtips.com/index.php/tethering-on-uk-networks

Brilliant, thank.you
There is a difference between what is stated to be not supported in written t&c, what will or will not be subject to assistance via a provider's tech support, and what can actually be achieved in reality. Generally it is possible to thether on any network even when roaming, but may require certain kit / software. No mention of tethering restriction in Virgin Mobile's current KFI dated 13 June 2018, but there is mention of download and upload speed caps plus restrictions on video streaming at assets.virginmedia.com/hel…pdf
Permanent archive of same 13 June 2018 document at archive.is/HBDWr
take that list with a pinch of salt. Some operators allow tethering but not officially.
I'm on ID Mobile and officially you can't as they say it will use all your allowance but I do and
no issues.
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