Which Mobile Phone?

    My fathers ageing Motorola brick phone has finally died after over 20 years of service And he needs a replacement.

    He only used it for calls and texts so something pretty basic would be excellent. What's available that's any good?


    Any Doro phone but most don't work on 3 (three).

    If o2, £1.99 delivered…ew/ but expensive to unlock so not really suitable for other networks.


    Get a Doro. Had one in the cupboard unused for over a year and still has a full charge. Perfect for those more mature persons. See #3 above for a great link.

    The cheap Nokia's are decent for basic use and long battery life

    get a Doro they usually have them on display in carphone warehouse take him down see what he likes

    iPhone 7 plus

    Original Poster

    Cheers everyone I think he's liking the Doro Simplicity at it's best.......
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