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    I am looking to get a new mobile phone on a 12 month contract (i know 18 month deals offer better value) as i like to change my phone every year i am currently on 3 and have been for over 5 years but there upgrade offer sucked so i have cancilled and am looking at 3 phones.

    The samsung tocco (£14.68)
    The lg renoir (£18.35)
    The samsung pixon (£24.47)

    The above prices are all on t-mobile combi 30 300 min 200 text perfect for my usage they are all effective costs after cashback (i know this means sending off vouchers on time and complete with bill but have done this before with no problems.) Can anybody say if the pixon best in reviews and on paper is worth the extra £10 ish a month the renoir looks great but gets bad reviews of its touch screen. I am looking for a better camera as a posed to any other features.


    you may struggle for a 12month deal

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    you may struggle for a 12month deal

    The prices quoted above are on a 12 month deal after cashback.
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