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    My son wants a mobile for his 11th birthday. I dont want to spend huge amounts as its his first phone, only around £50 but i want it to be smart looking and have a camera, bluetooth etc. i will also consider 2nd hand as long as they are in good condition boxed etc. any ideas or anyone know of any good deals on phones anywhere? thanks in advance


    I have the Lg KC550

    Could sell for £60

    Very good phone

    HAs a 5MP camera and bluetooth

    Will provide a link to full specs if needed


    Not a bad little phone and with this deal, if you top up a tenner each month, you get unlimited free texts the next month (plus the £10 to spend on calls etc)

    Check out e2Save and Carphonewarehouse for some cracking deals......also, I think there was a freebie offered as well on the forum from GoMobile?, request a free sim and get £5 credit on it......worth a try for a free fiver...will give the lad some credit for nothing tho eh?

    Some good PAYG deals on the go, shop around or google PAYG phones. You should get a decent phone with what you are after for your budget

    Samsung Marcel S3500 ]here. £49.95+10 credit = £59.95. Use code 'DISCP210' to bring price down to £54.95. Go through quidco for £5 bring it below your £50 budget.
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