Which Mobile Phone for Self Employed Slight Technophobe...Any advice please?

    Hi everyone!

    It's the end of my husband's contract with Orange and he's looking to upgrade his mobile. He uses it LOADS for talking and texting, and as he's self employed he would benefit from having access to his work emails which he gets via an fsmail account (eeek, I know, I wish we hadn't but three years later it'd be too complicated to change it..).

    He also could fdo with something to store all his word documents on and be able to plug into a pc and print stuff off, in case he forgets anything. And a decent camera and video for the family pics, of course, lol.

    I have a Nokia W995 which I LOVE but I know it probably wont do all of the stuff he would like it to. He has been offered an Ericsson Experia 10 (?? amd just about to google that one) but I was hoping for an iphone or Blackberry as these seem more useful.

    But then again, I have no clue.

    Any advice folks?? I must make a mental note to keep up to date with all this stuff as I can see me being the type of old lady who can't work the blinking microwave..

    Luce x


    i'd go with something with a keyboard if it were me if you're doing a lot of texting, so something like a milestone, or a blackberry curve or bold =]

    (phones like x10, iphone, desire, etc. are good but they're still not as fast as texting on a keyboard as far as i'm concerned) =]

    Dont go for Iphone if you want a phone that can store files - dont think iphone can do that ( unless there is an app for that now?) as far as i know you cant anyway…one

    Android, full qwerty keyboard, full email capability, just DO NOT order through mobilereserve, note the retailer/network and deal you want and go via QuidCo/TCB.

    i love my blackberry curve 8900 does all that

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies everyone :thumbsup:

    I had wondered about a Blackberry - I figured, after a bit of googling, fsmail accounts are inaccessible from a mobile phone. Ooops. So I guess that this facility isn;t an option. But he could do with a sat nav as he doesn't have one and travels somewhere new every other day, which would be less hassle if he knew exactly where he was going, lol. The Orange one I have on my W995 is fab - might be basic (I have no idea!) but it has taken us to where we want to go, so I'm happy with that. I guess Blackberrys will have sat nav included?

    I think we may have some bartering to do as Orange are saying they don't do loyalty discounts any more, which is a pain as he's been with the for a few years now and the deals they offered were getting really good up until now.

    All other suggestion swelcomed, we're exploring every phone and I feel quite up to date now, lol! :whistling:

    Luce x
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