which mobile phone network puts their logo on every phone?

    im looking to get the k810i from on the orange network, but from the image on the orange shop they slap their logo on this in place of the cybeshot logo.
    are there any networks out there that dont put their stupid logo on the phone?

    and does anyone know a website where i can get a replacement cybershot logo sticker from so i can replace the networks logo


    Don't like the look of that site, Giving away free gifts like an xbox 360, Wii etc.

    Something isn't right there!

    As for the branding, I think O2 don't and T mobile don't on most. is fine. I've ordered from them before with no problems :thumbsup:

    As for non-branded phones - O2 is your only option. HTH

    My contract is from

    They are a fantastic company, just recieved my 1st cashback of £120 so really please so far. They are owned by a1comms.

    Many sites offer free gifts with contracts including onestopphoneshop and e2save owned by carphone warehouse.


    Also, this thread may help you :thumbsup: [SIZE="5"]]HERE[/SIZE]

    I had a orange contract from BMP.Net, which came sim free (unlocked and debranded) so you may be lucky. The orange logo doesnt look that bad actually.


    Heh, Didn't realise you get free gifts/cashback, Thats really good.

    (Just thought it was some crappy scam site!)

    Wish we had something like that here.

    Original Poster

    cheers guys, ive just sent them an email to see if it has the orange logo on it.

    didnt quite fancy the offer at phoneboxdirect for effectively £100 cheaper when things go smoothly, and they wont port onto vodafone.
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