Which mobile phone network to go for (big 4)

Heya peeps,

currently on t-mobile and have heard horror stories about the other 3 big mobile phone networks (Orange, O2 and Vodafone).

I am fairly happy with t-mobile (or teef mobile as i call them) but I want to get a new phone and no matter where i look, the other network offers a much more competitive price.

I will use it around london and in the hertfordshire area and more concerned about the coverage quality.

which do u guys think offer the best coverage? I've heard from friends that Orange isn't very good?

Thanks in advance for any feedback


I've NEVER in my 5 or so years on O2 had ANY problems especially with network coverage.

I'm not from that area so cant help with coverage only in terms of customer service.

I've been with orange for about 6 years, never had a problem with billing or talking to orange retentions very friendly and eager to help (im sure others will have different stories).

Before orange i was with O2 and im now with O2 again now (payg sim in an iphone, but previously on a contract) same with them never had a problem with billing and had got a decent level of customer service from them and in shop when one phone needed to be sent off because of a fault.

Mothers been with Tmobile and never once had a problem aswell.

BUT!!!!!!! before i was with O2 and Orange i was with 3, long story short.........horrible customer service and they kept billing me wrong, either charged my twice or overcharged me.

three, cheapest and best


three, cheapest and best


Best value uk network, and great coverage in my area, constant 3.5g connection.

How long is a piece of string......they are all good and they are all bad....your never gonna get the answer...

Original Poster


How long is a piece of string......they are all good and they are all … How long is a piece of string......they are all good and they are all bad....your never gonna get the answer...

wasn't so much as an answer i was looking,

just wanted to know people experiences with the networks in terms of coverage, that is why i confirmed the location that i would be using it for I was hoping for a few replies in those specific area's as coverage varies from area to area.

but thanks for taking ure time to reply.. i think

thanks to the other peeps, ure comments are greatly appreciated. Hmm not sure about 3 but must admit their deals are very attractive.

tbh with you, I've tried all the networks and I haven't had problems with coverage (although thats in manchester).
Depends though, if your going for payG i would go for O2 for sure, if your going for a contract perhaps Orange, or the best deal you can get. You can usually check coverage in your area on the Operators website.

Been with them all, currently with Orange but have to say O2 are by far the best

o2 are the best, tried all other networks nothing came close to their network coverage for me. been with o2 for about 6 years now.

o2 have the best coverage
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