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Found 21st Feb 2010
Hi guys i need some advice on mobile price plans.

ive been on the flext 35 price plan for a couple of years now and ive been really happy with it so far. I get £160 allowance a month and its on contract for 12 months and i pay between £30-£35 a month.

I got a call today from T Mobile offering me a business price plan of 1125 minutes to any network and 1000 texts with a new phone for about £25 a month. The guy said the 1125 minutes is the equivelant to £450 allowance a month. BUt im not sure. I dont use all of my allowance. Im just afraid if i change price plans then i will constantly be worrying how many minutes ive got left.

Any ideas.


1125 minutes is a LOT!

Does it not say on any of your previous monthly bills how many minutes you racked up?

Plus you'll be paying less money a month. I'd go for the new one they have offered. I struggle to use 100 minutes a month never mind 1000!

if you dont use up your allowance of 160 then why would you use up your allowance of 450 in just minutes, not including texts, i say go for it as long as its 12months only and ask if they can offer a phone (you can sell the phone or keep as spare)

I believe they're trying to get people off those old Flext plans!... The deal they offered you is very good, if your happy to come off it :-). I'm on Flext 35 myself, but on 18mths... Been on the same plan for almost 4yrs... I took it out when they had the free evening & weekends offer so get 10,000mins to use on any network aswell as my flext £180 allowance to use on txts, pic msgs, calls & voicemail all for £35 per mth... I have my upgrade due this week but I'm not planning on budging as I love my free mins - let's see what happens!
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